Top 10 most relaxing activities to do on holidays

Taking a holiday is all about time out from the usual routine. There is no better feeling than total and complete relaxation. To help you return from your escape holiday relaxed and revitalised here are a few suggestions:

  • Spa trip and pampering massage
  • Quiet walk along the beach or through the rainforest
  • Try a cultural experience and immerse yourself in their ways, foods and activities
  • Kick back and read a book in a comfy chair, on a hammock or by the water
  • Get on or in the water – Kayak, sail, luxury yacht, swim, snorkel, dive
  • Enjoy a multi-course dining experience paired with tasty beverages
  • Go horse riding or camel riding
  • Visit the local wildlife and eco experiences
  • Take a shopping trip, check out the local markets and local shopping centres
  • Revitalise your mind with yoga, pilates or fitness activities

Many of the ‘Hello Me’ Escape packages include these activities. Click here to view upcoming tours.

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